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Hello! Welcome to Attic Junkie!

We are excited about re-opening our store!

We have sold successfully on multiple sites including others that we own, auction sites, collectible sites and in a few retail locations as well.  We have been in business since 1998 and have sold 1000s of items since then.  Contact us if you would like additional information on our history.

This store features:

Vintage, retro, electronic, handheld & tabletop games from the late 1960's to the present including Nintendo game and watch games, and games by Bandai, Coleco, Entex, Epoch, and Tomy just to name a few.  See our category listings for our complete offerings.

Vintage non mechanical pocket games, toys and puzzles

Vintage board games and other toys from the early 1900's and later

Rare mechanical and battery operated tin toys such as original toy robots form the 1960's, 1970's and later

Die cast toys including miniature cars, trucks and recreational vehicles

Rare Wizard of Oz collectibles including autographed photos, lobby cards, original sheet music and more

High end, framed art work and drawings acquired from estate sales

Vintage and rare jewelry

Fine china and figurines by Lenox, Rosenthal, Bill Fenton and many others

Black Americana collectibles

New old stock "Dime Store" novelties from the 1950's and later

Tom Clarke Gnomes

Vintage books and magazines

And much more in terms of highly desirable collectibles

Please check back often as new items will be frequently added.


Attic Junkie

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